Teeth Cleaning


Teeth cleaning or Scaling is the professional of the teeth performed by the dental professionals. The objective of scaling is to remove dental plaque and calculus tartar from the teeth and gums which houses bacterias that releases harmful toxins which cause inflammation and infection of the gums and surrounding bone resulting in gingival and periodontal diseases. 


Normal brushing cannot remove the calculus and plaque from teeth if once gets deposited.If left untreated it results in bleeding gums, loosening of teeth and finally, teeth come out. Gingival and periodontal diseases are related to the overall health. The bacterias in mouth travel the whole body and vital organs all day. Periodontal diseases increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Healthy gums reduce the risk of heart diseases, strokes diabetes and add 6 years to life.


Scaling is a normal procedure causing no harm to the gums and teeth and should be done once in every six months. SCALING KEEPS YOUR TEETH HEALTHY.



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